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 A desalination system, low cost and decentralized - Low cost: from 0.3 cent € / liter (equipment and maintenance for 10 years) - Decentralized: up to 4'000 liters per day, powered with solar panels - For the privat sector: house, villa, hotel, shops - For the communities sector: city, village, communities - For low incomes communities A proximity and proactive maintenance concept - Each machine is monitored by telemetry - Based on regional maintenance centers - Creating jobs, local salaries and income for the communities - Sustainable, the sales of water covers salaries, the rent of the equipment and its maintenance. A pilot project since June 2011 Island of Diamniadio, Sine Saloum delta, Senegal Living conditions are improved by: - The improvement of health: diarrhea, fluorosis, hypertension ... - The creation of jobs in each village - The possibility to see differently the future - A great saving of fuel, no water transport.
 February 2016 90 SFW machines are installed in Senegal. 100% of the machines installed since 2012 are in a regular and daily operation. More than 200’000 people have a new access to drinking water. More than 250 workplaces have been created.